Here we answer frequently asked questions and provide important information across all things BYD.


Can I find BYD Auto NZ on social media?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

How can I stay up to date with BYD news?

We regularly update our website and social channels, but we recommend signing up to our Newsletter which is located at the bottom of the BYD Home Page.

What BYD vehicles do you have in NZ?

The ATTO 3 and DOLPHIN are now available! While the SEAL is on its way and expected for deliveries early next year. Test Drive a SEAL at your local BYD dealer today.


How do you charge a BYD?

Charging your BYD vehicle is simple and there are a few different ways to do it! For domestic charging, we recommend a wall mounted AC charger. Public charging stations are also available across the country. All BYD vehicles also come with a 3-pin emergency charger. For more information on how to use please see the how to video on vehicle to load.

Can I charge my BYD using an extension cord?

Please ensure that you only use your 3-pin emergency charger when it's plugged in directly to the wall. All multiboards and extension cords should not be used while charging.

Which public charging stations can I use for my BYD?

Your BYD is compatible with most public charging stations. Currently, BYD vehicles are not compatible with public Tesla DC chargers.

How long does it take to charge my BYD ATTO 3, DOLPHIN, SEAL?

The length of time it takes to charge your vehicle depends on the type of charger you are utilising. For more information check in our with a BYD dealer to discuss.

Can EV chargers be used outside in the wet?

Yes, an EV car can be charged outside in the wet as these chargers and cables are IP54 rated.

Which home charger is recommended for a BYD?

We recommend Wallbox for your at home charging needs. A powerful, smart charger in a convenient small size. Speak to your selling dealer about all home charging options and installation.

Can I schedule charging?

Yes, you can set charging schedules from the vehicle.

What happens if my battery goes completely flat?

Please call BYD Roadside Assist on 0800 293 288.


How do I get the BYD App?

For Apple users, the BYD App is available for download on iTunes, while Android users can find it on Google Play.

What can I do with the BYD App?

The BYD App offers a diverse range of functions at your fingertips. Among its key features are the ability to turn on air conditioning, activate seat heating, remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, and locate your car in a crowded parking lot through light flashing or honking.

I've purchased a vehicle from a previous BYD owner and the App is still connected to their details. How do I gain access to the App?

The team at BYD can connect this for you, but first you'll need to visit your closest BYD dealership and bring along a copy of your drivers license (or official ID) and proof of ownership. The dealer will then arrange for you to supply your email address and sign our privacy policy. Then you can contact the BYD team and we can move the car over to your new BYD Cloud Services account.


What is an OTA update?

OTA stands for Over the Air where updates are delivered wirelessly to your vehicle. From time to time, BYD provides essential software upgrades to your vehicle which improves and optimises many features and aspects of your vehicle. These updates are free, and we recommend every customer completes these updates as they become available. We also recommend doing these updates while you're home or parked for a while.

How do I receive an OTA update?

Your OTA update will prompt you on your touch screen. Please make sure you do not confirm any update to start if you will need to be driving the vehicle straight away. We recommend you update when you are home for a while. You will receive an email with instructions if there is anything specific you need to do prior to or during an update.

How much are the OTA updates?

OTA updates are free for the life of the vehicle.

I need help with my OTA update

Please contact your local dealer who will be able to help you with your OTA updates. Please make sure if you purchased your vehicle before Nov 2022 that you have received an updated SIM card.

How often are OTA updates?

OTA updates normally happen every few months, but this could be more frequent depending on the type of software update is needed. For major updates you should receive an email from us detailing what the update includes.


What is Vehicle-To-Load?

Vehicle-To-Load is enabling use of the large battery in an electric vehicle to power or charge something else. All BYD vehicles come with Vehicle to Load technology and ready to use VTL adapter/cable. Simply plug the adapter into your vehicle charging port and you can use it to power any appliance with a standard NZ plug. For more information on how to use please see the how to video on Vehicle-To-Load.

Is the Vehicle-To-Load adapter included with the vehicle?

All BYD vehicles come with a VTL adapter free of charge.

What can I use Vehicle-To-Load for?

Your BYD vehicle offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to Vehicle-to-Load. With its standard NZ plug, you can power a variety of devices and appliances. From everyday household essentials like coffee machines, fridges, and heaters to more imaginative appliances, the options are endless. For instance, we've even had enthusiasts plug in their eclectic drum kits and jam by the beach!


Are BYD vehicles safe?

The BYD ATTO 3, BYD DOLPHIN and BYD SEAL all have a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating.


When using the brake pedal on the DOLPHIN & ATTO 3, is the regenerative braking? Or physical brakes?

The ATTO 3 and DOLPHIN uses both regenerative braking and physical brakes.

Do you have fees to use the features in the BYD vehicles?

No, there are no planned subscriptions or fees for any features in the vehicle. Some third party apps may charge for use, just like any mobile device.

Can I use snow chains on the ATTO 3 and DOLPHIN?

Yes. The recommended snow chains are no larger than 6 mm in thickness or diameter, which provides enough space between tires and other parts.

Does the BYD ATTO 3 and the BYD DOLPHIN have a Tow Bar?

A locally developed and tested tow bar is now available. Please see your local dealer for more information.

Can I get the Karaoke feature on my BYD vehicle?

The BYD ATTO 3 and BYD DOLPHIN will have the Karaoke function as part of the latest OTA update. Information on the availability of the BYD Microphone will be announced as soon as possible.


Do I still need to service my BYD even though it's an EV?

Yes, like all vehicles it is important to service your BYD regularly. Irregular or lack of servicing will affect the vehicle warranty.

BYD Auto NZ Service Locations?

Please find a link to our sales and service dealers here.

What are the servicing costs?

We recommend contacting your local dealer about service cost options including available service plans.

What are the warranty details?

Check out warranty information here.

What happens if I get into an accident?

Please find a link to our BYD Accident Card on our website here. We recommend printing the card and keeping it in your BYD vehicle in case of an accident.

Where can I find the Owners Manual?

Find a copy of the Owners Manual here.

Where can I receive my free paint touch up bottle?

Contact your closest Paint and Panel Network here.


I'm interested in a Fleet of vehicles, who is best to talk to?

We encourage you to reach out to the nearest member of our Fleet team for a chat. You can find their contact information and location details on our dedicated Fleet page.


Will New Zealand launch more models?

Yes, our model line-up is expanding and we will share any information on our BYD Auto NZ channels as soon as possible.

Will BYD Auto NZ be getting a 7 seater model?

While there are no current plan in the immediate future, BYD is always looking for what vehicles are suitable for the NZ market. Make sure you sign up to our Newsletter and Register Your Interest page for updates.