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Superior Drive Performance and Comfort

Harnessing the power of innovative Super Hybrid technology, the BYD SEALION 6 ensures a seamless supply of renewable energy that recharges while you drive. Experience a seamless transition between electric and fuel power, elevating both your driving capability and experience. The BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology has been developed to offer lower fuel consumption, providing a practical and lower carbon choice.


BYD Super Hybrid DM-i (Dual Mode Intelligence) Technology, represents a game-changing evolution in intelligent plug-in super hybrid (PHEV) technology. Exclusively developed by BYD, it brings a multitude of benefits including energy efficiency, low fuel consumption, drive performance and comfort. BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology differs from other PHEV technologies. At the heart of BYD Super Hybrid DM-i Technology is an electric-based hybrid system. This super hybrid architecture uses a high-power motor drive and large-capacity power battery as its primary power source, only using the engine for assistance. This innovative system focuses on efficiency and effortlessly adapting to different driving scenarios.

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Electric Hybrid System (EHS)

The Electric Hybrid System (EHS) is a state-of-the-art powertrain with two high-speed motors: the P1 motor generates power, and the P3 motor drives the wheels, reaching up to 15,000 rpm. Advanced hairpin motor technology ensures 97% peak efficiency, while oil cooling boosts performance and power density to 5.5 kW/kg. The system's dual-motor controller enhances electronic control efficiency to 98.9%.

Byd Sealion6 Hybrid Engine Exterior

Xiaoyun 1.5L/1.5T Hybrid Engine

Introducing the Xiaoyun engine, an innovative design crafted specifically for Super Hybrid DM-i technology. Renowned for its world-leading thermal efficiency, this engine features a simplified, compact structure that maximises power output, delivering exceptional peak power and torque.

Byd Blade Battery

BYD Blade Battery

BYD Super DM Technology utilizes a customized variant of the renowned Blade Battery. These specialized Blade batteries for the hybrid platform boast power capacities starting at 18.3kWh, enabling a pure-electric range of up to 92km, alongside numerous advantages such as enhanced safety, optimised strength, extended range, and longer lifecycle.







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The BYD SEALION 6 is a SUV that elevates your driving experience with high technology at your fingertips while being spacious, comfortable and practical.

Stylish Meets Spacious

Stylish Meets Spacious

With its impressive futuristic floating design, the BYD SEALION 6 is also very spacious with its flat floor and plenty of legroom that allows passengers to stretch out and relax during long journeys while it boasts a minimum 425/max 1440 litre boot capacity.

Practical and Play

Practical and Play

Equipped with cutting-edge speakers providing immersive stereo sound, this vehicle offers an unparalleled listening experience. Ambient lights illuminate in sync with the audio, enhancing the atmosphere. FM and DAB radio, Bluetooth® phone connectivity and audio streaming, along with wireless Apple CarPlay®, wireless Android Auto™ and 2 x wireless phone charger, all right at your fingertips.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

The BYD SEALION 6 safety suite includes Blind Spot Detection, Child Presence Detection, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, alongside available (Premium) heads-up technology that projects essential information directly onto the windshield, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

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Plug & Play

Vehicle-2-Load (V2L) technology transforms your vehicle into a portable power bank, capable of powering various electrical appliances—from a coffee machine and fridge to a barbecue on your outdoor family camping adventures. This innovative technology provides a practical and enjoyable experience, making it an essential companion anywhere you are.