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BYD Auto is the automotive subsidiary of BYD Co Ltd, a Chinese multinational with a diverse range of interests and stated goals to become a powerhouse in the new energy sector.

Having diversified from BYD Co Ltd in 2003, BYD Auto has seen a meteoric rise in the development of automobiles and new energy vehicles (NEVs).

In 2021, BYD Auto became recognised as the second-largest producer of NEVs in the world, with a product portfolio incorporating electric and plug-in hybrid cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, electric bicycles, and cutting-edge rechargeable battery production.

In that same year, BYD Autos committed to the exclusive development of electrified vehicles and – while the ‘early years’ saw the company achieve astonishing maturity as an automaker – today, BYD Auto has fast surpassed its peers in automotive advancement, perfectly in keeping with the company mission of providing technological innovations for a better life.

BYD Auto is represented in New Zealand by Ateco Automotive NZ Ltd, a 100% Kiwi-owned company with a proven track record of establishing successful and enduring brands in New Zealand, including Jeep, Ram Trucks, Fiat and Alfa Romeo, while providing a foundation for many other brands.

BYD New Zealand follows Ateco's history of partnering with Kiwi-owned dealerships with a curated network ensuring the brand’s operations here contribute to the national economy.

Driving innovation through its world class, clean and reliable vehicles, BYD New Zealand will continue to provide zero-emission energy solutions for the New Zealand automotive landscape.    

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