Road to Recognition - BYD Awards

13 February 2024

BYD Auto New Zealand continues to be recognised as a leader in sustainable mobility securing a host of recent awards from NZ motoring media,  across the model lineup.  

AA and Driven Car Guide has awarded the BYD DOLPHIN as their Best BEV of the Year mentioning it has beaten other top selling BEV’s for a number of very good reasons including: standout Blade Battery technology, tailored offerings for different NZ markets (fleet vs private buyer), high quality interior, it’s a BEV that looks like a BEV stating “there’s a pleasingly idiosyncratic sense of detail around the car”, and regular over the air updates meaning the vehicle will just get better and better.

The BYD DOLPHIN has been crowned as both the Best Value Car of the Year and the Eco Warrior Car of the Year by Drive Life.   According to the team, the BYD DOLPHIN emerged as the clear winner in their 2023 Best Value Car of the Year awards. They praise the vehicle for being significantly more equipped than its competitors in the New Zealand market. The BYD DOLPHIN has intelligent features such as keyless entry, a rotating touch screen, a wireless phone charger, and DAB digital radio, elevating the driving experience to premium levels while offering best value.

The BYD DOLPHIN also received Drive Life’s Eco Warrior Car of the Year for 2023. This marks a recurring theme, as our BYD ATTO 3 secured the same award last year, showcasing BYD vehicles are one of the best economical and sustainable choices for Kiwi drivers.

These accolades join the already announced 2023 Company Vehicle Magazine Awards, where the BYD DOLPHIN was honoured with the overall Car of the Year award, and the Electric Vehicle of the Year category award. 

THE BYD DOLPHIN isn’t the only model in the lineup to receive recognition with the recently launched BYD SEAL also winning the 2023 Medium Segment and EV of the Year from EV’s and Beyond.  The publication describes the BYD SEAL as an exceptional car that combines comfort, value, and appeal. EVs and Beyond put the BYD SEAL in the hands of a V8 driver, who was immediately captivated. The driver remarked that it is the first car to convince them to retire their fuel card.

We are thrilled to see the BYD lineup receive such recognition and are confident there will be more in the near future.

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