Blade Battery

01 March 2022

Driving experiences with world class safety.

The Blade battery is a keystone development from BYD. Developed over several years, the Blade battery is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery but because of its design is stronger, longer lasting, stores more power and offers greater range while delivering a higher level of safety than conventional designs. Each cell resembles a sword blade with positive and negative terminals at each end. Each blade forms an integral part of a honeycomb ‘sandwich’ structural array which in turn forms the battery ‘pack’.

This eliminates the need for individual bulky, cylindrical battery modules requiring separate and complex thermal management, increasing available space to give a higher energy density since more cells can be accommodated.  

While the design is game-changing as far as auto manufacture is concerned, it is battery safety which makes the Blade battery so desirable.

Conventional batteries used in EVs from many automakers have already demonstrated their flaw – thermal runaway or fire.

The Blade battery is more resistant to catastrophic fire. In an industry standard test, a battery is punctured by a nail to simulate an internal ‘short’ – the root cause of battery fires. The Blade battery saw the nail penetrate the battery pack with no ignition.

In addition to this test, the Blade battery was subjected to being run over by a 46-ton truck (well above what the industry would subject a battery to) to test leakage, deformation and again, fire. It passed.

The Blade battery has been overcharged by 260 percent, heated to 300 degrees Celsius as well as being crushed and bent. In no instance did the Blade battery explode or catch fire.  

Given the importance BYD places on battery safety, the company has made the Blade battery available to any and all automakers, just as BYD Co Ltd did with the rechargeable batteries found in mass produced cellular phones and laptops bearing other brand names.

EVs and PHEVs of today and tomorrow are likely to be powered by Blade battery technology, even if the vehicles bear brands other than BYD.  

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